Oh yeah, the long awaiting “Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1 – Triple Rocker / Gang” version is going to release soon. I believe a lot of Aqara fun here is waiting for it and myself to be honest is one of the interested fun waited to get it. While waiting for the official release of the product, let me do the unbox with the sample units which I received it recently for everyone.

The different between "With Neutral" and "No Neutral" version

Before to get into the product review, let me do some sharing about the acknowledge about Aqara Smart Switch or T1 module which you will have option to choose between “With Neutral” or “No Neutral”. Some of you guys may be confused why the smart switch does have the 2 different type of version and compare to those traditional manual switches that you use at home or office.

The traditional manual switches, it doesn’t require to have the neutral cable because toggling the switch On/Off is done manually (by pressing it) and the switch are not require any electricity to operate it. Hence, it is quite straight forward on the circuit diagram as example below:

For Smart Switch circuit diagram will be totally different as compared to traditional manual switches because the Smart Switch require electricity to operate to connect with wireless protocol such as WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, etc, which also requires electricity to operate.

Thus, most of the smart switch which operated with WiFi connectivity are required to operate the switch with neutral because it requires the electricity to operate the switch and it doesn’t able to operate on “no neutral” mode. 

For Aqara Smart Switches or T1 module, it offers 2 different version and Aqara has the most stable “Smart Switch no neutral” because of their “MARS technology” which enable the switch to connect to any Aqara Hub via “Zigbee” connectivity.

The difference between Aqara Smart Switch with neutral, it additional features such as “Zigbee Repeater” functionality to extend the coverage signal at your home or office and reduce the number of Aqara Hub that require to setup. It also provides the usage reader for the switch on the electricity usage.

How to choose Aqara Smart Switch between "with neutral vs no neutral"

If you consider purchasing the Aqara Smart Switch for your existing house which currently staying, then I would be recommend you choose “Aqara Smart Wall Switch (No Neutral)”. Just replace your existing switch with Aqara Smart Switch and setup it to connect with any Aqara Hub.

But if you are currently planning to do renovation for your existing house or new house, then you may consider using “Aqara Smart Switch (With Neutral)”. It is does help to extend the coverage of the zigbee signal and reduce the number of Aqara Hub that need for your house. But do take note that you need to get your electrician to pull the neutral cable for your switch during the renovation. 

The zigbee repeater doesn’t require any configuration but once you power up the switch then it will be automatically operated for the feature. The electricity usage meter will be able to view from the switch icon on the Aqara Home App itself.

Unbox Aqara Smart Wall Switch - Triple Rocker


Switch Outlook

Switch Back Panel


Compare to Aqara Smart Switch D1 vs Aqara Smart Switch H1, the H1 design it look much more premier and the nice to press on the button of it. H1 button surface is flat, and it use the metal PIN to connect between the back panel and the front button. It is much more responsive while you press on it, and it support for Zigbee 3.0. 

Then, the Aqara Smart Switch H1 is support Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. However, for Aqara Smart Switch D1 is only support for Apple Homekit and Google Assistant only.