The Aqara Matter series of products was officially released, bringing the new Aqara Smart Home Hub M3, Matter over Thread series products, and future Matter upgrade plans.

Smart Home Hub M3

The new Matter Home Control Hub, which integrates powerful functions such as Bridge, Controller, Thread Border Router, Commissioner and so on, Aqara Smart Home Hub M3 is officially released.

  • Bridge (Multi-Protocol Bridge), which is still a multimode gateway that bridges Zigbee, BLE protocol devices into Matter.
  • Supporting Matter Controller, Smart Home Hub M3 can discover, connect third-party Matter devices in the vicinity, and add them to the Aqara Home app to achieve cross-ecosystem collaboration, for example, after binding the Smart Home Hub M3 through Aqara Mini Control Screen S1 Plus, all Matter devices can be controlled.
  • Thread Border Router, the smart home hub M3 can be used as a Thread border router, making Thread devices easy to discover and communicate with devices outside the Thread network, and support Thread Mesh networking, and has a single point of failure self-recovery, making the connection of devices more stable and reliable.

  • The innovative MagicPair, with the help of equipment terminals, factory production and cloud technology, realizes the rapid discovery and addition of Matter devices in batches without scanning the Matter device code, and users do not need to add devices one by one after getting the device, achieving a truly senseless connection.

Matter over Thread family of products

Door and window sensor P2 and human illuminance sensor P2 are officially released, which can monitor the opening and closing of doors and windows, human & pet movement monitoring, illuminance detection, and bring about an improvement in the user experience; In the future, Aqara will also launch more Matter over Thread series products.

Aqara Zigbee OTA upgrades support Matter

At present, Aqara gateway M2, door and window sensor P2, human illuminance sensor P2 have passed Matter certification, and the future full range of Aqara gateways support Matter* through OTA upgrades, users do not need to buy new equipment, only need to the original gateway equipment in hand, such as: Aqara gateway M2, Aqara gateway M1S can support Matter after upgrading the firmware, and let the sub-devices also support Matter.


Aqara will release firmware updates one after another and is expected to achieve 10+ categories and 160+ SKUs supporting Matter* by 2023, allowing users to experience Matter-wide home intelligence.